A Richards Built Home, Inc.


Alan Richards

Because fine home constructions cannot be created on an assembly line, Alan only takes on a limited amount of projects per year.  He is not an armchair contractor; he has been working with his tools for over 40 years.  This allows him to be a hands-on and focused contractor.

His immediate crew of talented craftsmen allow for consistency in construction.  They have a great artistic sense and are expanding the genre of mountain home construction.

Individuals on the crew take on specific aspects of the house dependent on their own expertise and interest.  Such autonomy allows the individuals personal ownership of the home.  The end result is pride in craftsmanship and the intelligence of synergy.  The sum of the parts are greater than the whole.  Consistency in quality is most important for one’s reputation.

Our Team:

Adam Robb

LEED Certified

Adam Robb

Adam was raised in construction.  In growing up, his childhood home was built after a regular day's work and on weekends.  

He attended St. Mary's College in Moraga, Ca and Oxford University in Oxford, England.  Completing his BA, he worked for DePinto Construction in Naples, Florida and then Toll Brothers, in Coral Gables, Florida.

His love of Tahoe brought him home with his wife to share in the vision of A RICHARDS BUILT HOME and then to take the company Green.  

Adam is a certified LEED professional.

Alan Richards

CA License # 809236

NV License # 003082A