A Richards Built Home, Inc.



February 2012

To whom it may concern:

    Alan Richards was the general contractor for the construction of our home at 864 Lakeshore Blvd. in Incline Village, NV for me and my wife, Donna.   He managed the project for approximately 16 months.  We are highly satisfied with his work, our relationship with him, and the outcome of the home. 

    Alan was technically knowledgeable and helped us to solve numerous construction issues, many of which were complex due to our home design and building code requirements.   His technical expertise was responsible for allowing us to complete the home quickly with very few flaws.   Further, Alan has many contacts in the area and helped us substantially by finding experts and subcontractors, getting multiple bids, and selecting
subcontractors based on a number of criteria including quality, capability, schedule, and price.   His contacts were critical for getting things done in a timely and high quality manner.   We were very satisfied with the selected subcontractors.

     We also benefited significantly from Alan's experience with finish materials.   He found and provided several unique materials and solved difficult sourcing problems in a number of cases where we were at a dead end with traditional sources. These included large timbers for our fireplace mantels and flooring that would work with our particular form of radiant heat.

Alan managed the Washoe County building department and the process of getting inspections and approvals effectively.   The inspector who issued our final certificate of occupancy stated that he doubted any other contractor could have managed the project as well.  

    Finally, we enjoyed our relationship with Alan and working with him.   We were engaged in the construction project on a daily basis, and Alan handled this effectively and diplomatically.  He is a straightforward person who told us how our project was progressing honestly and directly.   I would be pleased to work with Alan in the future on a similar project if circumstances made
it feasible.

Robin and Donna Fall

I have owned a log home built by Alan Richards for about four years. Our "cabin" is our refuge from the rest of the world.  Alan has a passion for doing everything right, even down to the smallest detail, and it shows both in the beauty and functionality of his work. The fit and finish on the exterior and the interior are superior with nothing skimped on during the construction phase.  I can recall sitting having coffee by our river rock fireplace with temperatures of 10 below and winds outside of over 65 miles per hour, and barely even being able to hear the wind.

I have owned more than 13 houses in the last 20 years, and I can say without reservation that our "cabin" is the best built and most pleasant to come home to. Perhaps just as important as the finished product, is the focus Alan has on making us happy. Both before, during, and after construction, Alan has never been too busy to offer advise, line up people to do additional work or maintenance, and take the time himself to insure our satisfaction.

It is without reservation, that I would recommend Alan Richards to the most demanding customer. He will build you a dream home, and you will enjoy the process. To say it another way, I would not think of having my next home built by anyone else.

Douglas S. Thompson,

Chairman and CEO Avolent, Inc.

There are not words to describe what it's like to live in a "log cabin" peaceful, fun, and exciting because each day brings new satisfaction to our lives. And we have Alan to thank for building our extraordinary home that to this day still brings people to stare and take photos.

Alan is more than a builder--he is an artist who puts his soul and vision into his "creations" and that's what makes "A Richards" built home!

Ginny and Paul Sigman

Owners Heartstone Lodge


May 28,2010

RE: Alan Richards; A Richards Build Home

To Whom It May Concern:

I am the president of Elise Fett & Associates, Ltd., a company that I started 18 years ago. I hold degrees in both architecture and engineering with licenses in California, Nevada and Hawaii. My goal has been to provide outstanding design services by working with a group of talented individuals. We encourage the collaborative efforts with a contractor that will be involved in the building process for an integrated project delivery. The results are trust additional innovation and efficient planning. Alan Richards is experienced, creative and does the highest quality on every aspect of his projects

The process of designing and building a house can be overwhelming for most homeowners.  We started working with Alan over 6 years ago on a home for the Fallini's residential remodel in Crystal Bay, Nevada overlooking Lake Tahoe. Three years ago he asked us to work with him to design a unique home with a special client on the Eastern slope of Incline Village in Lake Tahoe. Together, we accomplished exceptional sustainable features and created the home of the client's dreams.  Alan has been instrumental in helping our clients sort through the building and selection process.  He is patient and thorough helping clients refine their design goals and then narrow the wide array of products on the market to make their selection process easier. Alan keeps quality and budget in mind when making his recommendations.  There are inevitable changes that occur along the way during the construction phase. Alan deals with these changes in a professional manner by listening to the client and using his experience and knowledge to make the best decisions.

I would recommend Alan without reservation for any contraction project. Alan is pleasant to work with, listens and responds to the homeowner's interest and needs and is dedicated to quality on any project on which he works.  Feel free to contact me for additional information or with any questions.


Elise Fett, AIA, RCE


February 18, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

I am very happy to write this letter of recommendation for Alan Richards, owner of A Richards Build Home, Inc.  Alan Richards was the general contractor who built our Crystal Bay home for us. It is a two-story home of a little over 5,000 square feet and completely new construction. high-end home with numerous amenities including:

Gourmet kitchen with all built-in appliances Four bedrooms

4 + 2 baths Media room

Formal dining and living rooms Game room

Large entry with indoor water feature Wine room

Outdoor wrought iron fencing and electric driveway gate Vaulted, cedar plank ceilings Eight-foot solid Maple doors throughout Massive exposed architectural arches supporting roof Polyurethane foam insulation

Multiple exterior balconies Three gas, self-enclosed fireplaces Cedar and rock exterior

Electronically controlled skylights Hydronic heating throughout

Alan did a wonderful job building our home and had an excellent crew. The attention to detail is exquisite and Alan was a pleasure to work with throughout the project. We have been in our home now for two years and have had no problems what-so-ever.  I highly recommend Alan and with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, wouldn't change a thing.


John Fallini


April 12, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to recommend Alan Richards and his company, A. Richards Built Home, for any and all construction projects. I have worked with Alan for over 25 years on many custom residential projects, ranging from smaller remodels to multi-million dollar estates.

As an architect, I have appreciated and relied on Alan and his crews' consistent. and high-quality workmanship and attention to details. They have specialized in handcrafted full-log homes, which require special skills, patience and flexibility on the job. They carefully follow drawings and specifications, and always call to clarify details or engineering requirements when necessary.

Alan and his foremen have been pleasant and easy to work with through complex jobs, with all the inevitable revisions and changes.  Please call if you would like any further information.

Sherry Guzzi, Architect


January 26,2010

To Whom It May Concern:

Alan Richards built our custom log house about 4 years ago in the Lake Tahoe area. We have land surrounded by US Forest Service parcels and is isolated from other houses and is near the Pony Express Trail. The house looks like it is part of the forest environment which achieved our main goal of blending in with nature.  The house is a custom-designed, 5800 square foot, two story log house with huge log trusses spanning the great room and kitchen. It is a very open design and looks like a high end ski lodge we have been told by our friends.

Alan Richards worked very closely with us and the architect to construct a rustic "lodge" look but with all the modern amenities that gives it luxury functionality. As construction progressed, he saw opportunities to enhance the lodge look with the selection and addition of "character logs" in strategic places like the entry way, next to the bar, in the wine cellar, and the huge great room fireplace mantel. He has an artistic eye for these additions that make a house like this extra special.  We have built several houses in the past, but have never worked with a better contractor than Alan. He always listened to our inputs and concerns and always came up with equitable solutions that made us very happy. It is rare when a customer can still be friends with the contractor after the project is over, but we still maintain a great friendship. When we found small items that needed correction or replacement after we moved in, Alan always responded immediately to fix the problem. Again, that was a new experience for us building a custom home where past contractors have been too busy with their new projects to work on old ones.

We would not hesitate to recommend Alan Richard to anyone that wants to build a high quality, custom home. We would be more than happy to discuss our experience with any new prospective customer of Alan's.


Neal Pierce


January 30, 2009

Raley's - Family of Fine Stores

Dear Sir or Madame,

As you make the decision for a Custom Home Builder, please allow me to give my strongest recommendation to Alan Richards and A Richards Built Home.  I first learned of Alan from a friend of mine in Sacramento, Doug Thompson.  Doug owns an A Richards Built Home and is most proud of his property and the relationship he has with Alan Richards. Doug wrote a recommendation for Alan's web site that we could easily echo.  In entering the Incline Village housing market several years ago, my wife and I began with a "starter" home in 2004. When an A Richards Built Home came on the market two years ago, we were ready for an "upgrade" and we purchased the home. We then contracted with Alan to remodel the property to reflect our tastes and the current trends in custom home construction.

Working with Alan was a pleasure. This is the fifth home we have either remodeled or constructed, and it was by far the best organized, and the most hassle-free. Alan is very knowledgeable and creative, and he is an expert problem-solver. He is also very patient.  Throughout the process and beyond, Alan has always been extremely responsive and helpful. And, his workmanship is outstanding; we are very pleased with the quality of Alan's work.

Our family couldn't be happier with the end result. We have enjoyed special times with family and friends at 591 Pinto Court, and I have used the property as a corporate retreat for planning meetings.  Our decision to work with Alan Richards made all the difference in creating a very special home for us.


William J. Coyne

President & CEO

November 18,2009

To Whom It May Concern,

In 2005, I purchased a Tahoe lake front home that was built in the late eighties. As no improvements had been made on this property since it was built, I decided to do an extensive remodel to make it more in keeping with my tastes for a mountain home.  I had heard about Alan Richards' expertise in building high end homes at the lake and asked him to look at the property to see if he wanted to take on such a challenge. Fortunately, he did.  Throughout the eighteen months of the project, Alan's input, knowledge and experience was invaluable.

He offered creative ideas for materials, room designs and structural possibilities that allowed me to transform this old house into one that fills me with pride and satisfaction.  The quality of the work was excellent and I was impressed with how often he inspected the work to make certain it was. He was always available and responsive to my questions and concerns. I also found Alan to be vigilant about costs and cost savings.  Without hesitation, I recommend Alan Richards and A Richards Built Home for new home construction or remodeling.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Jennifer L. Patterson



April 14, 2010

To Whom it May Concern,

I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Alan Richards and his company "A. Richards Built Home" to any and all who may be interested.  I have known and worked with Alan for over twenty years and know him and his company to have the highest standards and integrity. These qualities. coupled with excellent communication and craftsmanship. are the reasons why my wife. Kim, and I hired Alan's company to work on sensitive improvements to our own home over the past few years.

Professionally, it is a pleasure to work with Alan's group. They are excellent team members and work very well with the whole professional design team, often bringing good ideas of their own to the design table.  Finally, I have no doubt that architects would be serving their clients well to interview  Alan, review his portfolio, and include Alan's company in any short list of recommended builders.

I am more than glad to speak to anyone who would like to inquire further about our work with Alan.

Louie "Rocky"

Woods, P.E.. S.E. Principal/Partner Gabbart & Woods Structural Engineers